I founded Fowler Auction 45 years ago. Times in the agricultural industry were tough, and I watched as my neighbors and my community struggled. I saw people who owned real assets and real value still struggle for liquidity. And in that, I saw an opportunity. I founded Fowler Auction with the sole purpose of giving people like them a way to take their unused assets and property turn it in to cash quickly, easily, and for top dollar.

Times are a little different now, but the need is still the same. Whether you’re left to manage a loved one’s estate, downsizing your own lifestyle, retiring and closing a business, or maybe just want liquidate real estate holdings and take advantage of the market, we at Fowler Auction are committed to making this process easy and profitable for you.

I’ve surrounded myself with a fantastic staff that joins me in this desire. Each and every one of the people at Fowler Auction is committed to getting our sellers top dollar for their assets. They work to make the buying process seamless. They are dedicated to making your entire experience at Fowler Auction easy and stress-free. They believe your success is their success. 

I personally invite you to come enjoy the Fowler Experience at any one of our Live Auctions or to participate online.

If you have a need to turn your assets into cash, it is my promise to you that you will not find a more committed or experienced team than the men and women of Fowler Auction.


Mickey Fowler, CAI, CES, AMM, AARE


Fowler Auction and Real Estate Service Inc.