Mickey Fowler

Founder, President/CEO, CAI, CES, AARE

Mickey is committed to personally reviewing all arrangements and details during each phase of the process to ensure that your auction is handled with the highest possible degree of professionalism and integrity, and in such a way that when your property is sold, it brings the highest possible dollar. Mickey found his niche for the auction arena during the farmer’s depression in 1978. As a local farmer who realized farming wasn’t paying the bills, Mickey realized there was something more he could offer his fellow farmers. Mickey began the pursuit of a new life by attending auctioneer school. Since he had walked in the shoes of many northern Alabama and southern Tennessee farmers, Mickey acquired the trust and respect of many of his current patrons. As time evolved, real estate became a featured venue for Mickey and has proven to be very satisfying. Mickey is a designated member of the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) and a Certified Estate Specialist (CES). He has served on the Alabama State Board Of Auctioneers and is a member of the National Association Of Auctioneers. For a real estate appraisal or a highly qualified equipment professional opinion, call Mickey at (256) 420-4454 or his cell number at (256) 653-4454. ALSL466, TNSL1442, TNFIRM2315, MSSL718F, GASL1394

(256) 653-4454


Daniel Culps, CAI

Auctioneer, Auction Manager, Ring Person

Daniel has been with Fowler Auction for many years and has learned the auction business from the ground up. Today Daniel's desire to assist our past and future sellers turn their assets into cash - no matter what. He's satisfied when he knows he's done all he could to bring the most dollar for his seller. Let him show you what he can do to turn your assets into cash! ALSL5070, TNSL5890

(256) 603-1249


Greg Bottom

Apprentice Auctioneer, Consignment Yard Manager

Greg has been with Fowler Auction for many years as our Consignment Manager. He's now branching out into Personal Property auctions and is now an Apprentice Auctioneer. Give Greg a call and utilize his many years of experience in liquidating estate assets or would like to participate in one of our consignment auctions.

(256) 777-4496


Royce Hornsby

Consultant, Real Estate Agent

Royce joined Fowler Auction in June of 2014 after a successful career in the federal loan industry. His vast knowledge of finances brings added depth to the ins and outs of the real estate investments and financial aspect of the auction industry. Royce holds a real estate license and is an apprentice auctioneer.

(256) 293-3241


Andrew Heard

Apprentice Personal Property Auctioneer & Consignment Yard Manager

Andrew joined Fowler Auction in 2013. He has made signs, been an Auctioneer's Assistant and has now completed his Auctioneer Apprenticeship. He's fully licensed and more eager than ever to work hard for you. Andrew has a passion for discovering hidden & forgotten treasures. Most importantly, he strives to "work as if working for the Lord" (Col. 3:23). Please allow him to assist with the selling of your loved ones’ estate, business liquidation or downsizing. You may reach Andrew at (931) 638-5499, [email protected] or reach out through social media.

(931) 638-5499